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Please, don’t wait

I got word at 2:30 a.m. that a family member had passed away.  We were the same age.  This is someone I had spent a lot of time with when we were growing up, but I hadn’t talked to him in years.   As is often the case, we had fallen out of touch as our lives and careers took us away from home and in different directions.
A death in the family is always hard.  But it’s harder when you’re left with a feeling that you didn’t do or say what you could have when you had the chance.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling to say, “how are you doing?”  I didn’t, and now, I’ll never get the chance.
I beg you: don’t wait.  Don’t wait to call to check on a friend.  Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel about them.  Don’t wait to call a family member you haven’t talked to in a while.  Don’t wait to tell someone ‘thank you.’  Don’t wait to forgive. Don’t wait to say you’re sorry.
Don’t wait.  You may never get the chance.

Missing Roland already

I’m in touch with Roland Martin just about every week, and sometimes, several times a week.  And, depending on what’s happening in our worlds, we might talk everyday.  So, it seems strange that I would be missing him.

I already miss Roland on CNN.  I know, I know … there are plenty of other places I can see & hear him.  But, I liked seeing and hearing him in that particular place.

Roland has established himself as a prominent voice in national political discourse through CNN and other platforms.  To his credit, as his national profile reached new heights and his message reached new audiences, Roland has always kept strong ties to black media.  He has also been a proponent of black publications, websites, and networks, including networks that compete against TV One where his show “Washington Watch” airs.  And, I personally know he has gone to bat for black journalists at CNN and advocated for reporting stories on the network that are relevant to the community.

Having CNN recognize Roland’s value by hiring him 6 years ago was a win.  It was a big deal and something that benefited black media.  As Roland said himself, he understands that new management wanted to get new people in and there always comes a time to move on.  I get that.

Still, I’ll miss him on CNN … ascot and all.