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Lessons learned that helped me make it to my 4-year wedding annivesary

1) The engagement ring is worth every penny.  It’s the one thing that will remind her of you every single day.

2) Don’t let your miserable married friends or your single friends give you marriage advice.

3) Stay in touch with her family without being prompted to do so.

4) Don’t ever put her in a position to have to track you down.  She should always know where you are.  You’re not “checking in.”  You’re being considerate.

5)  Don’t be annoyed, but appreciate when other men check out your wife or want to be around her.  It’s a compliment to you. READ MORE

A convo (not interview) w/Jordan Davis’ Parents

I’m glad it wasn’t an interview.  I’m glad I didn’t prep for my conversation with Jordan Davis’ parents with research and scripted questions.  Instead, I got an unexpected opportunity to spend nearly a half hour having a heart-to-heart with Lucia McBath and Ron Davis.

McBath and Davis were featured guests on “The Katie Show” yesterday.  I was there as a guest as well to talk to Katie Couric about the fallout from the case.  When their segment was done, Davis’ parents sat in the front rown while I was interviewed.  When I was done, I immediately went over to say hello to them, and we all ended up walking back to the green room together.  We struck up a conversation, and parts of it I want to share. READ MORE

Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month! Take a look at how far we’ve come:

A Stanford-educated black man who is regarded as the best in his profession somehow became the most famous “thug” in America.

On what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday, most of the talk that day was about his killer being featured in a “celebrity” boxing match.

On February 3rd, the trial began for the man who shot and killed Jordan Davis, an unarmed black teenager, after the two got into an argument over loud music.

Also this month, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s kids are back in court and in another ugly, public feud after two of the siblings (Dexter & Martin III) sued the other (Bernice).  Why?  The brothers want their sister to turn over Dr. King’s bible and his Nobel Peace Prize medal for the purpose of selling those items.  (The bible was used by President Obama when he was sworn in for his second term.)

On Sunday, the number one show on cable television was a show that featured an all-black cast.  That show also featured an all-black fight.  For a full recap, just go to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta homepage and click on “I Will Drag You in this Bitch.”  It’s featured prominently.

We’ve come a long way … to get HERE!  Happy Black History Month!

Dunn Trial (Recap of Day 3 of testimony)

The most contentious and the most emotional testimony so far came on a day when a lot of people may not have been paying attention to the Michael Dunn murder trial.

Court was in session on a Saturday.  This is not uncommon for trials that have sequestered juries.  In fact, jurors in this case even asked if they could work on Sunday as well, but the judge thought everyone needed at least one day off.

So, on Saturday, the prosecution continued its case with a parade of police and forensic witnesses who worked on the investigation.