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Shannyn Marie

This just feels embarrassing, like someone put your family business in the street. Agreeing with Bill O’Reilly, seriously??? Are we looking at a future FOX news anchor?

Nuclear Grrl

Don Lemon, unsurprisingly, is right. The deflection to Black-on-Black crime during the Zimmerman trial media coverage was not made out of a genuine position of concern for the welfare of the Black community. It is made as a jab.
That said, the Black community is responsible for its own future, and the points Don Lemon makes in this segment are spot-on stepping stones to pulling our community out of the socioeconomic rut we’ve plowed for ourselves.


I agree and very well stated. My problem is that he stated this publicly without a counter? I just more blacks used their public platforms to encourage.


Sadly, Don was on point. We must hold ourselves accountable for OUR future. These statements should not be embarrassing when coming from one of our own. The Zimmerman trial was time to concentrate on justice for Trayvon. Now is the time to concentrate on fixing our community. #sadstateofmind #wemustdobetter


What I don’t get what he thought O’Reilly “going farther” in his statements would have accomplished. Would we all have been struck by some divine revelation, rolled up our sleeves – or our pants – and solved Americans problems? Yes, I said American and not the Black community because the issues are the same.


No one admonished the victims of the Aurora tragedy for their fashion choices. And Lord knows they didn’t deserve their fate because they didn’t litter.

I honestly cannot stand Acceptable Negroes like Don Lemon (and Barack Obama and Bill Cosby) who command a national audience to “tell the truth” to the black community (on CNN, no less, as if they have a majority black audience). It’s evident that they are not speaking to black people; they are seeking approval from white people who seek to blame their racism or “discomfort” with black people on irrelevancies.

Littering, sagging pants, and saying “nigga” in hip hop didn’t cause the ills present in some black communities, so what is he talking about?? He has confused his current pet peeves with the deep, long-term, historical systemic social issues that face us; in fact, he trivializes them by conflating them with fashion and slang.

His little editorial was not needed. It didn’t help anyone. Not one person is going to stop littering because Don Lemon said so. He’s just boosting his Acceptable Negro bona fides on the backs of people who don’t particularly need more denigration.


That was perfectly stated Tarita. Thank you.


He said there’s five things are for the betterment of black people 1: sagging pants didn’t get us into the state we’re in.that’s a shuttle all young people adopted
2: littering: I’m laughing my ass off: how is a little paper on the ground gone stop 100’s of years of white privilege, institutional racism, mass incarceration poverty
3: Children out of wedlock: its funny I thought I’ve read somewhere don lemon was raised by a single parent


Truth crush the earth shall rise again..


But in the end, there it is!!!

Terrance McLeod

No we are not looking at a future fox news anchor we are looking at a smart black man who like the rest of us should be fed up with how we treat each other and demand that we do better! Yes Bill O’Reilly is on the political right and most of the time speaks non sense but on this day he was absolutely right, so instead of being mad that he is agreeing with him how about we as a community figure out away to just do better!


Cosby wanna-be. Searching for an identity in a dominate culture is not the cause of issues but the result on an overarching system. Try telling Native Americas to give up on the beads if they want their problems to be solved.


Well said Don. We can’t help that some people of other races are just ignorant about Blacks in America, but we are not helping to tear down biases and discrimination if we keep playing into stereotypes. We have degraded the black culture so much by equating it to foolishness and a general lack of order. We accept sub-par behavior and tie that to “just being black”. Why wouldn’t biased individuals not know any better?

Case in point: I live in a predominantly white community that enforces a strict curfew out of respect to residents – which means no noise allowed after a certain time of the night. Every single time the residents hear loud voices and rowdiness that goes on for hours way past the curfew, guess which group of people they are – black people. It happened at 2 a.m this morning; it is not the first time this has happened and it has consistently been black people yelling and screaming as if no one else lives in the community. I am sure some non-blacks went “Yep, it’s those black people again, that’s how they are.. we really need to move out of here.”

You don’t have to be “white” to show common courtesy, decency and respect for people.

Let’s not take offense to the ugly truth and work on not giving people a reason to treat us negatively


I’m sorry, but Don has a point with this argument. The one’s so quick to negatively critique his perspective are just proving his point. “His 5 Things” are legitimate problems in our community. Why are we falling back on the past struggles of the black experience to shape what our future should look like? Granted, we have issues that our systemically embedded in our story and experiences. There’s no denying that. However, so do the Jews. Does the Holocaust or their slave past in Egypt prevent them from seeking opportunity around the globe today? If anything, it infuses pride and generates motivation to shape their own narrative. Those like Don, Oprah, Bill Cosby and countless others are our heroes. They’ve made it, so they have nothing to “prove” to white people. If anything, they want the rest of us to fix what is in our control and trying to positively redefine what it means to be black in the present day. Should we deny that Don’s 5 points are off? If so, name 5 points that don’t involve blaming “the man?” The point I’m making is this….when you pick up your pants above your but, stop glorifying the “N” word, keeping your communities clean, taking your education more seriously as a means to more opportunity and being better parents that create a greater generation, then we are on the path of defining who we really are capable of as a people. ALL these are simple choices that build upon each other, form impressions and within our control.

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