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I haven’t gone anywhere

As many have noticed, I’ve been away from World News Now and America This Morning — newscasts I’ve anchored since joining ABC — the past couple of weeks.  At the same time, I continued my role with Good Morning America and even have reported for other shows at the network.

Some speculated that I was on vacation (I wish) or had left ABC.  But really, I haven’t gone anywhere.  I’m just not anchoring WNN and ATM for now.  This allows me to focus more on GMA and contributing around the network.
Of course, WNN and ATM are in great hands with Reena and the team.  I just wanted to reach out to you insomniacs.  You’re a loyal bunch, and it’s been a privilege to lose sleep with you!
T. J.

“Who the ____ is J.J. Holmes?!?!”

Swimming with Sharks in Nassau

Apologies to RZA and Method Man. “Wu TONG Clan.”

“Funky and chunky.” #ICYMI

A collection of outtakes and commercial break moments from last week at ABC. — T. J.

Just 5 Minutes of Her Time

This could easily have been one of those open letters.  You know, those “letters” people are fond of posting on social media and on blogs or releasing to news websites.   They’re addressed to one person but meant for all to see.  This would have been an open letter to Marilee, my wife.  In it, I would have been asking for her forgiveness and patience.

But I can barely get Marilee to listen to my bulls— these days, so she’s hardly in the mood to read it in an open letter.  Frankly, that’s exactly what I’ve been offering lately: bulls—. READ MORE

My Trip to Vegas (Mayweather vs Pacquiao)





Happy Man

Don’t let that face fool you!  I’m actually exhausted.

I’m embarrassed that I haven’t updated my website with a post of any kind in months!  You might have noticed that I’ve been busy lately.  Still, no excuse.  I’m back in the blogging game now!  Look for updates to come more frequently.

T. J.