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Hey, Chris Brown: When you get out, let’s do dinner

The question was, “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?” My answer: Chris Brown.

During a magazine interview last year, I was asked a series of get-to-know-you questions. What books are you reading? Where do you like to vacation? What’s your passion? But my answer to the dinner question prompted a puzzled looked from the interviewer. I’m a journalist, so one might assume I’d say I’d like to have dinner with a world leader, or a famed journalist, or maybe a historical figure. READ MORE

A convo (not interview) w/Jordan Davis’ Parents

I’m glad it wasn’t an interview.  I’m glad I didn’t prep for my conversation with Jordan Davis’ parents with research and scripted questions.  Instead, I got an unexpected opportunity to spend nearly a half hour having a heart-to-heart with Lucia McBath and Ron Davis.

McBath and Davis were featured guests on “The Katie Show” yesterday.  I was there as a guest as well to talk to Katie Couric about the fallout from the case.  When their segment was done, Davis’ parents sat in the front rown while I was interviewed.  When I was done, I immediately went over to say hello to them, and we all ended up walking back to the green room together.  We struck up a conversation, and parts of it I want to share. READ MORE