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Daddy Daycare (cont’d)

 9:45am Pulled out the FAO Schwartz “Big Piano” for her to play.  Neighbors lovin’ us right now.

9:52am Piano didn’t occupy her for long.  To the kitchen we go!  Pots and pans are all over the floor.  Our next homecooked meal will have a hint of baby feet.

10:05 First signs that it might be naptime.  Rubbing the eyes.  Getting a little irritable.  But I’ll be OK.  Where is Sabine, by the way?

10:11am Sabine goes into her room and closes the doors behind her. AND, turns on her white noise machine.  If I can get this kid to change her own diaper and cook her own meals, I’ll be golden.

10:21am Was attempting to make some notes for my commencement speech to the Clark Atlanta class of 2014.  Sabine has crawled halfway into the fireplace.  Hands are black with ash.

10:30am Is Mickie Mouse always on TV this much?!?!  Good lord.  He’s the Anderson Cooper of the Disney Junior Channel.  Oh, I should probably change her diaper, huh?

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