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Dunn Trial (Recap of Day 3 of testimony)

The most contentious and the most emotional testimony so far came on a day when a lot of people may not have been paying attention to the Michael Dunn murder trial.

Court was in session on a Saturday.  This is not uncommon for trials that have sequestered juries.  In fact, jurors in this case even asked if they could work on Sunday as well, but the judge thought everyone needed at least one day off.

So, on Saturday, the prosecution continued its case with a parade of police and forensic witnesses who worked on the investigation.

Defense attorney Cory Strolla continued with his theme of questioning the credentials and training of the investigators and also pointing out things they may have missed.  And, though I wouldn’t describe it as fireworks, the most contentious back-and-forth we’ve seen in the trial so far was between Strolla and Det. Mark Musser who served as the lead homicide detective in the case.  On the stand, Det. Musser was constantly defending himself against a barrage of questioning about police behavior during the investigation.

In something I have never seen in court before, the judge brought one witness into the courtroom before her testimony and before the jury was brought in.  He wanted to walk her through what was going to happen:  from being sworn in, to where she’d sit and how things would go.  The witness was Rhonda Rouer, Michael Dunn’s fiancee.  She was riding with him the night of the shooting.  She was visibly upset the entire time of her testimony.  She testified that Dunn had 3 or 4 rum and cokes the night of the shooting but that he didn’t seem impaired at all.  She also said they expected police to show up at their hotel that night to arrest them, and that they decided to drive home the next day because they expected to be arrested and wanted to get their dog (Charlie) taken care of.

Trial will resume Monday.

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