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Fate and jordan Davis

In 2012, Michael Dunn and his fiancee decided to get a dog.  They named it Charlie.

Then, at some point, Dunn’s son decided to get married.  At some point, it was decided that the wedding would be November 23rd in Jacksonville, Florida.  Somebody decided that red wine would be served at the wedding reception.

Also, at some point, Jordan Davis and his friends decided they’d go mall hopping on November 23rd.  They had to wait on one friend to change clothes because he decided he wanted to dress up to look good for the ladies.

A decision was made to stop by Urban Outfitters to see Davis’ girlfriend.

At some point, Tommie Stornes, who was driving that night, ran out of cigarettes.

So many seemingly mundane, innocuous, and independent decisions were made, as much as a year ahead of time, that led to Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis being in the exact same place at the exact same time on the night of November 23rd.  If anything had happened any differently, this would not have happened.

If Dunn’s son hadn’t chosen November 23rd as his wedding date, Dunn likely wouldn’t have had a reason to be in Jacksonville that day.  If Dunn and his fiancee didn’t have a dog, they wouldn’t have picked that particular pet-friendly hotel, and likely wouldn’t have had to pass the Gate gas station.  Dunn’s fiancee prefers white wine, so if white wine instead of red had been served at the wedding reception, maybe she wouldn’t have had the desire to stop at the gas station to grab a bottle of white wine in the first place.

If Davis’ friend hadn’t wanted to change clothes, if Davis had spoken to his girlfriend just a little longer, if Tommy Stornes had not run out of cigarettes and wanted to stop for more, if the parking space to the left of their SUV had been open instead of the parking space to the right, etc. IF, IF, IF ….

Many of us have struggled to make sense of something so senseless.  So many things had to happen exactly the way they happened in order for these two particular people with their particular personalities to end up right next to each other.  I’m not a big believer in fate, but studying the details of this case makes one pause and ponder:  do people ever really come into your life by accident?  The choices we make in those moments and those meetings can change lives forever.



Maurice Christie

Dunn is just a damn cold heartted murderer and an evil racist but more the jury is condemned to hell because of their vitriolic and racist decision in hung jury on ist degree murder. How many more blackmen are going to be murdrered in the coming months. If they continue like that I believe there will be the beggining of a race war. I do not see innocent people living in a society that if you passed by a white man and he doesnt like you he shoots , kill and then claim stand yiour ground. It will means open bird season for the racists and uneducated and perhaps daily killings. what the hell has America comes to and have the audacity of preaching democrsacy to the world. Who will listen when you start having whoesale killing of their yong black males. It seems that what slavery and the prisons fail to do, the stand your ground rules in Florida will do, the new Nazi extermination.

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