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Have You Seen Her?

I guess it’s a good sign:  I actually miss my wife.

I saw her this morning, briefly.  She looked good.  I probably won’t see her tonight.  I think I’ll see her Friday when we have to fly together, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we aren’t seated together on the flight.  That’s been our luck lately when it comes to finding time to spend together.

The past couple of months have taken a toll.  Travel, events, and work schedules have made quality time impossible.  At this point, I would settle for just time … it doesn’t even have to be of the quality variety.  We’ve had one day off together in the past month.  I can’t remember the last time we sat down and had a meal together.  And, our 19-month-old hasn’t quite learned the concept of mommy-daddy time.

It seems strange to be talking about missing a person … when we live in the same damn house!  But, we’ve been ships passing in the night.  Still, it’s better than the alternative:  relishing time away from your spouse.  I’m not glad I haven’t seen her, but I take comfort in the fact that I miss her.

I hope to see her soon.  But if  you see her before I do, tell her she’s missed.




More men should be as open. Thanks for sharing!

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