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I’m happy to see her go

One of the highlights of moving to New York 3 months ago is that I’d get to hang out with my friend, Zoraida Sambolin.  Apparently, she didn’t feel the same about me because she’s now decided to leave town!  (I have that effect on people.)

Actually, Zoraida has decided to leave CNN and move back to her hometown of Chicago.  She announced not long ago that Friday, December 13th would be her last day as anchor of “Early Start,” and I’m happy to see her go.

Please, don’t misunderstand: for selfish reasons, I absolutely wish she’d stay here in NY, and since I’m always up by 5 a.m., I watched her show every morning, and I’ll miss seeing her do her thing.  But, after her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year, I’m so proud of her for making a personal decision about her happiness, her family, her health, and her future.

I know it can seem perplexing to those on the outside for someone to give up an anchor chair at a national network.  But, Zoraida was good enough to earn that chair in the first place, but it’s more impressive that she’s smart enough and secure enough to know that her life isn’t defined by what she does but by who she is.

In her farewell note on her Facebook page, she wrote: “When I was diagnosed with cancer, I entered a dark place..not once did I think about not achieving career or material success. Rather, I thought about all the missed moments in life and how I was not ready to sacrifice missing any more. I wanted to live to see my kids grow up. I wanted more soccer games, basketball games, proms, weddings, grandchildren…. I am healthy, cancer free and strong but I know a long life is not promised.”

With that, I can’t be too disappointed that Zoraida is leaving CNN and leaving town, just as I’m getting here.  So, if I want more time with my friend Zoraida, I’ll have to move to Chicago.  I’m sure I won’t be able to run her out of that town, the place she feels she truly belongs.

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