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Killers going free?

In 2007, a man shot another in the back of the head as he retreated.  The shooter claimed self-defense, and he was acquitted by a jury.

In 2008, a man fired 15 shots at a his ex-wife’s boyfriend who was sitting in a car, killing him.  The shooter wasn’t prosecuted based on the “stand your ground” law.

In 2010,  a man shot another man who was laying on the ground.  He was granted immunity based on “stand your ground.”

In 2011, a man shot and killed two unarmed men. His case was dismissed based on “stand your ground.”

As we watch and wait of the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial, it’s worth noting other cases in Florida where people used the “stand your ground” law.  Take a look at this database compiled by the Tampa Bay Times.  It highlights hundreds of “stand your ground” cases.

Also, do you know if you live in a state that has a “stand your ground” law similar to the one in Florida?  Check the list.

And, here’s the actual text of the Florida statute on justifiable use of deadly force.  In particular, look at paragraph 3.


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