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Missing Roland already

I’m in touch with Roland Martin just about every week, and sometimes, several times a week.  And, depending on what’s happening in our worlds, we might talk everyday.  So, it seems strange that I would be missing him.

I already miss Roland on CNN.  I know, I know … there are plenty of other places I can see & hear him.  But, I liked seeing and hearing him in that particular place.

Roland has established himself as a prominent voice in national political discourse through CNN and other platforms.  To his credit, as his national profile reached new heights and his message reached new audiences, Roland has always kept strong ties to black media.  He has also been a proponent of black publications, websites, and networks, including networks that compete against TV One where his show “Washington Watch” airs.  And, I personally know he has gone to bat for black journalists at CNN and advocated for reporting stories on the network that are relevant to the community.

Having CNN recognize Roland’s value by hiring him 6 years ago was a win.  It was a big deal and something that benefited black media.  As Roland said himself, he understands that new management wanted to get new people in and there always comes a time to move on.  I get that.

Still, I’ll miss him on CNN … ascot and all.


Dorian miller

My sentiments exactly , I miss you as well but I know you guys will succeed in your next order of business. The best is yet to come, believe that!!


I respectfully disagree. I understand your position and that you guys are friends but I always found Roland to be rude, condescending and disrespectful. More often than not he took playful jokes too far while seated as a panelist and you could tell that people were genuinely embarrassed by him. I’m glad to see him leave CNN. I realize he may do some good, especially for the black community, I just find him disgusting and disingenuous.

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