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Great story!!! Continue expanding your brand TJ!


If he is giving out the small type of bicycles they made the human bike in the field that you showed a view from the air may have problems. At least in Halandale Florida the kids who drove those same small bikes around were the ones that the drug addicts would go to and they in turn would go to the drug dealers to let them know the person wanted to buy drugs
I sure hope you checked the guy out you had the story on and that he was not giving them out for the reason above. Sort of like the guyvin New York who said he could not breath whi claimed he was only selling cigarettes when most people are aware he was selling much more. Stop grasping at straws trying to get that great story that may turn out notvti be so great and come back to WNN.


Fantastic !!!! It’s great to see kids can still be kids, role models still do exist, corporations understand investing in communities AND Black Men absolutely bring value to that which they touch. Kudos to TJ & Trent


What a great positive story! Thank you TJ, GMA & Trent! We miss you on WNN! All the best always.


My husband and I really miss you on abc news. I started my morning with you, which made for a better work day.

Rosemary Plough

My husband and I miss you. We have watched you since CNN. Take care of yourself. Do the work that is best for your family. You hit the top!!!


Where do I start? I have watched you go from CNN to BET to WNN to ABC. I came home from work and cut on CNN just to see you. I have always been a fan not only because of you ravishingly good looks but because you refused to be a sellout. You reported the news with in view of black men and women. I don’t know why you left CNN but I have an idea. BET didn’t promote you enough and gave you a crappy time slot. Young intelligent black people were falling asleep before your program came on because we work and don’t party. WNN I don’t know what’s going on there but it’s good to see you on ABC. But I want to see my no crap takin TJ, who cared more about how BLACK LIVES MATTER, to focus on reality and progress, than stupid stories meant to entertain silly people. You are the man and you have a fan base that’s young and intelligent who wants to see you run it the way you know it should be. Hey love, maybe you should be talking to Oprah to arrange a show called BLACK LIVES MATTER on her network. We need TJHolmes to take control and be our voice. BLACK LIVES MATTER, Much love TJ. Do ya thang bro!


TJ, what an amazing story. I would have to say this is absolutely one of my favorite stories. Please continue to work hard, your efforts are reflected in the programs that you and your team have put together. Have a blessed holiday season.


just wanted to say i totally agreed with your comment about your being from memphis so you chose elvis. thanks from an old elvis fan and a new tj fan.

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