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Cynthia Cuellar

Hello TJ, I saw Good Morning America this morning on a Gentleman that received a kidney from a best friend of the family. It touched my heart on how you were able to give the good news to the Gentleman and his family. I have an auntie in the same situation she is now on dialysis. It brakes my heart every time I have to see her going through this pain she is a wonderful mother, grandmother, aunt, I grow up vary vary close to her. She is on a list also for a kidney. I wish I could give her one of my kidneys but I am sick also from rymtoid and I can’t donate. How can I get the word out for my auntie. I don’t want to loose her I already lost my mother to breast cancer just a few years ago and my son in a bad accident right after his graduation day. I love my aunt so much she is a second mother to me. She used to work in a blood donor place for many years and has given a lot of her time to me and other people in the community.
Thank you Cynthia Cuellar
Of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Raymond E Maclin

You hear all the bad about Baltimore MD. I have gone lots of time walked downtown, gone to the harbor and the market place. This story is truly awesomely awesome. I never saw the bad in Baltimore every city has a great story of success. You GO Balti MO!!!! One of my favorite places to shop, eat and explore. I actually love downtown.

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