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On the move

I want to confirm what many of you have already noticed:  I will no longer be appearing on MSNBC.

I served as a contributing anchor to the network for the past 2 years, and in 2014, I’ve appeared on the network practically every week, predominantly anchoring the weekend afternoon newscasts.  Many viewers naturally assumed my continuing affiliation with the network.

I have relationships with the NBC/MSNBC family that go back over a decade, and I will forever value those.  I can’t thank MSNBC enough for the opportunity to be a part of their team.

T. J.



TJ, I make sure I’m home every Saturday afternoon to watch you. I’m heartbroken I will no longer see you. Please let us know where you are going.


Good luck on your next endeavors! Hope to see you on the waves, or maybe aa a guest writer somewhere very soon! Maybe your own podcast? Regardless, keep us updated!


TJ: I was concerned after noticing you were suddenly M. I. A. on MSNBC weekends, but pleasantly surprised to see you on the anchor desk of ABC’s World News Now.

I am so happy for you and all of the insomniacs out there who dreaded one more episode of Maury. You and Reena make a good team. You heard it here first folks: I predict that a slot on G. M. A. is in TJ’s future. Congratulations! BTW… since you don’t drink coffee what was in that mug you kept holding on too?


Keep me updated*

Always with you wherever you go*


T.J: you are a very talented person I like listening to you but kindly let me pass on to you a counsel – it seems you not able to hold a position for very long you jump from network to network and that can be perceive as immaturity please find something and stick to it stabilize yourself because who knows these same networks may not want someone who jump from network to network. You are someone I admire and I think you can do better than this no hard feeling. God bless


I wish MSNBC would have made you a full-time anchor. I regret you are stuck on a network in the middle of the night when viewership is low I hope you can soon return to MSNBC where you are a perfect fit for their programming! You are missed on MSNBC!

Who's Chris Kelly?

I was bummed to see MSNBC eliminate that hour of weekend news. To provide a little editorial that’s probably unnecessary, it’s not like viewers need another hour of Lockup from 2009 or Caught On Camera episodes from 2005. MSNBC used to dominate cable news, and more and more, it’s shedding original and compelling news and opinion. As that’s happened, ratings and viewer counts have been shedded as well. I still respect NBC News and MSNBC on so many levels, but when good people with solid credentials like you part ways, that is another slap in the face to my loyalty. End unsolicited commentary. Tip your waitress.

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