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Racial slurs on live national TV

Earlier today during a segment on MSNBC, one of my guests used a few racial slurs, including the n-word as well as a derogatory word for Jewish people.  The segment was about the origin of “Redskins” as Washington’s mascot.  My guest was a historian who is a law professor at Marquette University who has written extensively about the topic.  It was a good segment with a lot of good information.

I ended the segment immediately after he used the racial slurs, but not because he used the words.  Truth is, we were out of the time for the segment and up against a hard break.  Literally, there were only 20 seconds left in the show at that point, and we were going to get cut off.

I’m so disappointed I didn’t have more time to discuss that moment with him.  After a few high-profile media stories recently, the debate continues over who can use the n-word and when.  Is it appropriate for a white professor to use the n-word in historical context on national TV?

I think I know my answer.



T Nichols


What’s your answer?

B. Withers

Do you have a show in MSNBC now? What and when?


Tj we miss you!

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