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Thank you

I’m suffering from sleep deprivation.  I’ve eaten Mariella’s pizza for dinner almost every night.  I lost (then found) my cell phone.  There was a mousetrap in my dressing room.  I found out there’s someone on staff who will actually steam my pocket squares.  There may already be a love connection between two people who work for the show.  And, I discovered meditation through makeup.  It’s been an interesting first week!

But, we made it.  We’ve learned a lot along the way.  Thanks to all of you who tuned in and commented.  I promise I have been reading your feedback.  I hope we can continue to count on it as we work to always improve.

I am so grateful to Hill Harper, Sherri Shepherd, Brandon T. Jackson, Issa Rae, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Steele, Loni Love, Queen Latifah, Michael Eric Dyson, Jesse Lee Petersen, Sherrod Small, Marc Morial, Ava Duvernay, & Ron Christie for being a part of my first week.

And, though you don’t get to see them, the “Don’t Sleep” staff deserves so much praise for the work they’ve put in and their belief in the show.

Again, thank you so much.

Much love,

T. J.



I love the show. You have been great. I had sort of forgot your days at CNN. You even stepped it up a few notches. Love the number segments.


Hello TJ!
Congrats on the show! I think it’s a cool idea to have a show that addresses the issues of the African American community. I do, however, have a suggestion. I think you should eliminate the audience. As I was watching, it sounded like only about 10 people in the audience. That made the show seem very B-rated and poorly attended. It took away from the impact of the show, making it appear as if you just stood outside and told people to come in and watch the recording. Please take my suggestion into consideration. I am an intelligent African American woman who truly wants to support quality programming on BET but I am finding it difficult to do so! Your show has given me a ray of hope in BET but more needs to be invested in “Don’t Sleep” to gain more support.
I am excited for you and believe in your success! Keep pushing!

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