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We have to stop calling black women angry

We immediately go there.  A black man being enticed, lured, and put into a trance by a white blonde while his black wife/woman fumes and prepares to fight for what’s hers.  Yes, the same storyline from the movie “Undercover Brother” is now being applied to the President of the United States and Michelle Obama.

I have enjoyed reading the online comments as much as anyone.  Many should be taken as good-natured, and some are creative and downright funny.  But, it’s not funny in the least bit that even the first lady isn’t immune from this narrative.  Once again, she’s being cast (by the media and on social media) as the angry black woman.  But this time, the narrative comes with an added racial component regarding why she’s angry: even a black woman as polished, accomplished, educated, confident, and impressive as Michelle Obama has to protect her house when the Danish Denise Richards shows up.

We have no idea what was going on in Michelle Obama’s mind at the time those pictures were taken.  We have no idea of the context and what the interaction was like between all of them.  But, short of those answers, what does it say that, even when talking about this country’s first couple, we immediately revert to old storylines about black men, the black women who love us, and the white women in the next seat?


Gabby Powell

It speaks to the thought that even in this day, the consensus is that black women should feel inferior to white women. It’s sad, but it is the image that is constantly projected in the media.

B. Withers

I think I was more disappointed in the reaction from some of my highly educated, middle class, African-American female friends who fed into the Angry Black Woman fallacy.


First! TJ welcome back. I’ve missed you. It’s great to see you on MSNBC this month I’m looking foward to seeing you regularly, lord knows the MSNBC talent pool needs experienced anchors. Most of their anchors can’t read the teleprompter. I find that odd. I mean don’t we learn to read aloud in grammer school; I digress, anyway your a professional, great voice and good looking, dare I say fine. Please update your calendar I love seeing tripple A talent.

Great show today, especially the reincarnation piece. Best of luck! Looking forward to the announcement of your new show. You’re the best. Just do you and they will follow.


About the topic FOTUS, this is such a non-story. The imagining of what Michelle Obams was imagining. Huh? The story is not news it’s an opinion (and a bad one at that). Opinions are not news. Opinions stir emotion, in this case, it stirs bad feelings about the First Lady. Opinions are editorials – they represent the organizations position therefore, when these stories run we must know this is the opinion of the organization and its’ sponsors these are organizational editorials disgusted as news. REMEMBER THAT!

A real story would have been a comparison contrast of two black presidents of white supremisses countries. Ah, too hot to handle. Who wants to confont that boogieman (pun intended)? Nobody that wants to keep their job

On second thought, that would be too much like “work” why do that when you can follow the Politico playbook and make it up. That’s the world we live in!

Question: How long can an editor/producer make huge sums of money, get lots of promotions pulling opinions off twitter and writing scripts so bad that professional readers can’t read?
Answer: All the way to one of a thousand VP titles.

Oh well, that’s my opinion… let’s make some news.

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