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Wednesday fireworks

We want Don’t Sleep to be a place where people with differing opinions can come and be heard.  And, on tonight’s show, we offered our platform to someone who, in my opinion, took it a step too far.  He even got an adverse reaction out of me.  But, the topic we were discussing was relevant to our community.

Also, I have a one-on-one with Queen Latifah.  Love this woman.  She has a message for young women that I want you to hear.

See yáll soon. Don’t Sleep.

T. J.



Was I asleep when they handed out the free cell phones? ;o)

I’m enjoying the show T.J.

We really do come in all shapes, sizes, and IQs.

Wishing you the Best!

Karla Gentry

I love this show, its smart, its relevant, and it gets BET viewers to think of other things than just re-runs of Tyler Perry films. I loved tonight’s show, Im going to misquote the good Dr., but I loved what he said about seeing what “self-hate” sounds like. We need more of this…so until then I wont sleep.
Would love to see topics about “skin-color”, why aren’t black people more political , why don’t we support our own communities? How can I get a free shirt? You know important stuff. <3

Barbara Simpson

Being able to code switch is when a person uses more than one language in the course of a conversation. This comes in handy when 2 or more speakers do not have a common language, they mix 2 or more other languages/dialects together to get their points across.The Rev was clearly offensive and full of self hate. I truly enjoyed Queen and Michael Eric Dyson two very intelligent, positive individuals. TJ I hope you had a strong conversation with your producers regarding the quality of differing opinions you want highlighted on your show.

Alvin Sweat

Congrats T.J. loving the show. Stay in your blessings.

wanda oliver

Free cellphones? Then why do I pay T Mobile $103 a month? Smh… ***Blank Stare***


Congrats T.J. for stepping out on faith and taking the leap from CNN to BET. While watching Ep 1, my immediate reaction was, this is who he is, we have now gotten a glimpse into the real TJ Holmes! As a TV producer and Host myself [in Barbados] I know that first episode must have been nerve racking and there were one on two awkward moments, but you did it! Kudos for the effort toward something original and fresh. My only complaint, it was too short, was expecting an hour. Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching cause I ‘Don’t Sleep’.


This show needs at least an hour. I had never heard of this Rev. before and where is my free cell phone.


Congrats T.J. – Awesome show.


Enjoying the show, we need more of this discussion on tv. Good job BET, you’re regaining my trust with this show. Let the executives know that we need an hour-long show!

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