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What I miss about Atlanta …

After moving to NYC just over 2 months ago, there are some things I’m starting to remember fondly about the place I spent the past 7 years.

1. Doing my own laundry

2. Malls

3. About 2,000 square feet of living space

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

5. A halfway decent NBA team

6. An NFL team that plays in a dome

7. Kasim Reed

8. Numbered streets that only go up to 28th St.

9. Being the most famous person on my block

10. Wine, liquor, and beer can be sold in the SAME store

11. Cobbler

12. Grass

13. Central heat and air

14. Republicans

15. Isha Sesay

16. Thursday nights at the Four Seasons

17. Not having to make a reservation for brunch

18. Not having my groceries delivered

19. No GPS needed; just need to know one street (Peachtree) and one highway (I-285), and you’re good

20. Pasta di Pulcinella

“What I’m loving about NYC” coming soon …





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