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What the State has to prove

George Zimmerman is charged with 2nd-degree murder.  In Florida, that’s described as “the unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by an act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony in the first degree … ”

So what does that mean for the prosecution?  It means they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin is dead and that Zimmerman’s act caused Martin’s death, but also that Zimmerman’s act was one “imminently dangerous to another and demonstrated a depraved mind without regard for human life.”

That “imminently dangerous act” is described as, among other things, one that is done from “ill will, hatred, spite, or evil intent.”

Has the prosecution met its burden based on Florida law?




I certainly hope so T.J.! Although I see subtle posturing for an appeal in the event the prosecution failed to present their burden of truth.

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